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Sunday, April 3rd from 3-6 pm at the LARA Gymnastics Center
Hi, My name is Jeff Ramsey. I teach Jujitsu at the LARA gymnastic center.  Sunday, April 3rd from 3-6 pm, I am hosting a Japanese Jujitsu Seminar for the Japan Disaster Relief.  We are asking for a minimum donation of $10 for the American Red Cross to help the victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. There will be quest instructors there as well. Refreshments will be provided. Everyone is Welcome.. All ages!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at shihanramsey1@yahoo.com  Your help is greatly appreciated!!

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Event Report : 24.25 Mar 2011 at Bucknell

Total raised so far $907

Thanks so much everyone for your kindness and support !!


Boy continues lonely search for family member

Staff Writer of the vernacular Asahi Shimbun

ISHINOMAKI, Miyagi Prefecture--Quake evacuees give sympathetic looks to a boy who has become a familiar face at evacuation centers in this city ravaged by last Friday's quake and tsunami.
But sadly, they cannot offer any information about the names on the handwritten signs he holds up at each center.
The names are of the father, mother, grandmother and two cousins of 9-year-old Toshihito Aisawa. The last time he saw his family members, they were trapped in a car and being swept away by the massive wall of water.
On Tuesday, Toshihito visited Kadowaki Junior High School, home to about 2,000 evacuees, for the fourth time since last Friday.
He had witnessed emotional reunions between separated loved ones at another junior high school and a high school he visited earlier in the day. But there would be no reunion for Toshihito on Tuesday.
According to the third-year elementary school student, his father, Kazuyuki, picked him up at his school soon after the magnitude-9.0 earthquake hit.
Packed in a minicar, Toshihito, Kazuyuki, grandmother Kyoko, mother Noriko, and two cousins, Yuto and Yuna Shima, headed for Kadowaki Junior High School located on a hill in central Ishinomaki.
As they sped down a trunk road near the port that would take them to the hill, his mother noticed the tsunami bearing down on them.
"A tsunami's coming. Head left, left!" Toshihito recalled his mother screaming, as the wave that seemed much taller than the car loomed outside.
His father tried to escape the roaring water, but the car became stuck in a parking lot. Then the seawater swallowed the vehicle.
Toshihito recalled hearing all sorts of things smashing against the car. The window cracked, and on the spur of the moment, he broke the glass with his bare hands. Grabbing the hand of Yuto, a first-year junior high school student, Toshihito managed to crawl out of the window.
"But then something, probably a tree, came crashing through, and I had to let go," Toshihito said.
He said the voices of Yuto calling to him and his grandmother pleading for help gradually became distant.
The boy soon lost consciousness. When he came to about 30 minutes later, his body was strewn on a piece of wood and parts of his clothes were caught on a bamboo branch.
A man fished him out of the water and gave the boy some clothes.
Toshihito was taken to the family of Mitsunari Kitahara, 64, a barbershop owner with whom Toshihito's family was acquainted.
"Stop worrying so much. Come back home as soon as you can," Kitahara repeatedly told the boy.
"Yes, I'll do as you say. I won't worry about it," Toshihito said, although his face betrayed his show of bravery.
Much of the city remains under water. But Toshihito is determined to find his family.
"When the roads clear up, I'm going to check our home," he said.


          Missing                    16,621 people
           Dead                         10,489 people
        Injured                        2,777 people
    Lost houses                   20,069 houses

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[ 25 Mar.2011 ]

In evacuation center    263,915 people
          Missing                    17,053 people
           Dead                         10,102 people
        Injured                        2,777 people
    Lost houses                   20,069 houses


Japan Relief Efforts at Bucknell University

The Offices of Civic Engagement and International Student Services, as well as the Japan Society andStudents for Asian Awareness at Bucknell are working together to collect monetary donations to assist with relief efforts following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11.

Join us in supporting the local Red Cross

Cash and check donations will be accepted 

in the Langone Center Mall

Thursday, March 24 and Friday, March 25

from 11 am - 1 pm

Checks should be made payable to American Red Cross with "Japan" or "IRF" (International Relief Fund) in the memo line.

Japan Earthquake and Pacific TUNAMI