18 years old in Miyagi

Japanese school year starts from April.  Many students were about to end the year when the disaster happened on March 11th.  Many children were killed and many children were left behind. 

“I was supposed to go to University but if not possible I’ll have to look for a job” says Yuya Numata, 18, from Miyagi.  His home has submerged with the tsunami and he is currently staying at the shelter.  Few days after the earthquake, Yuya confirmed the corpse of his grandmother, 83, and his older brother, 22.  His parents are still missing but he is prepared for the worst.  “I want to find them at least.” 
“My family members think of others before themselves” he said.  When the earthquake came, father went out on his bike to let neighbors know, mother went to the home across to see if they need help evacuating and older brother went out to help the neighbor with rope in his hand.  Yuya stayed home with his grandmother until the earthquake calmed down.
They evacuated to the community center but the water came right after.  He held onto some tire-like material.  A man asked “Are you ok?” but next second that man was gone.  It was a day later when Yuya realized he’s at the elementary school near his home.
Trying to stay strong, Yuya helps transporting the supplies and separating garbage at the shelter. However, the family is always on his mind.  If not for this earthquake he was going to be a freshman at the University starting April.  The letter Yuya wrote to his father upon graduation was also lost in tsunami. 
On 18th, Yuya went to the place where his home once was.  The only thing left was some tiles from the entrance way and bath area.  He told himself “I can mourn later.  Now is not the time…”  Yuya hopes to find his parents as soon as possible.


From my friend , She translate this Japanese Article . 

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